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A problem with kickstart from fc6t2 to fc6t3.


I'm stumped and don't quite know where to turn. 

I ran the "system-config-kickstart" command from my fc6t2
system and am trying to kickstart to fc6t3 on another
system from that fc6t2 system. I keep getting a popup
prompt during kickstart that states "Unable to locate
partition sda1 for /boot". Kickstart fails at this point.
I don't know if I have goofed or there is REALLY a
problem/bug. I have looked at the fedora docs but nothing
has helped.

The snipit below is from the ks.cfg file that
system-config-kickstart generated. 

Is this a bug in anaconda or system-config-kickstart or am
I doing something wrong?



# Disk partitioning information
part /boot --asprimary --bytes-per-inode=4096
--fstype="ext3" --onpart=sda1 --size=1024
part / --asprimary --bytes-per-inode=4096 --fstype="ext3"
--onpart=sda2 --size=1024
part swap --asprimary --bytes-per-inode=4096
--fstype="swap" --onpart=sda3 --size=1024
part /var --bytes-per-inode=4096 --fstype="ext3"
--onpart=sda5 --size=1024
part /opt --bytes-per-inode=4096 --fstype="ext3"
--onpart=sda6 --size=3072
part /usr --bytes-per-inode=4096 --fstype="ext3"
--onpart=sda7 --size=12288
part /home --bytes-per-inode=4096 --fstype="ext3" --grow
--onpart=sda8 --size=1

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