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system-config-kickstart documentation errors

The text below is from the online help for system-config-kickstart:

Chapter 1, Introduction
"To use Kickstart Configurator, you must by running the X Window System."


Chapter 3, Installation Method:
"FTP — Choose this option to install from an HTTP server. Two text entry boxes for
the HTTP server and HTTP directory appear. Enter the fully-qualified domain name or
IP address of the HTTP server. For the HTTP directory, enter the name of the HTTP
directory that contains the RedHat directory. For example, if your HTTP server
contains the directory /mirrors/redhat/i386/RedHat/, enter /mirrors/redhat/i386/ for
the HTTP directory."

No FTP section...

Chapter 4, Boot Loader Options
"If you choose to install a boot loader, you must also choose which boot loader to
install (GRUB or LILO)..."

In FC6T4, only GRuB is available...

Chapter 8, Firewall Configuration

Text for SELinux configuration is missing

It's all minor stuff, but system-config-kickstart is probably the most useful thing
out there for me, especially with the inclusion of Xen virtualization. I'm demo'ing
this utility for some AIX admins who are used to NIM (Network Installation Manager),
and they'll likely be hitting these docs.

* The Digital Hermit   http://www.digitalhermit.com
* Unix and Linux Solutions   kwan digitalhermit com

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