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Re: [OT] nouveau packages for Fedora

Dawid Gajownik wrote:
Right now Rawhide is really boring (devel freeze). If you have a bit more time, nVidia card and would like to test nouveau¹ driver you can check this page → http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/FedoraPackages

Compared to standard nv driver nouveau supports EXA acceleration and is a bit deobfuscated.

I know that it's a bit off topic for this ml, but Fedora is my distro of choice and I thought that it's a Good Thing™ to support OSS drivers. Binary-only blobs must die ;)

BTW nouveau requires X.Org X11R7.1 so you can't test it on FC5 :/

¹ http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/


I got the rpms to compile and install. I could only get some garbled output compared to the nv driver. I changed nv to nouveau in the config file.
I could not find the other programs as described on the webpage referenced.


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