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Re: system-config-kickstart documentation errors

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Kwan Lowe wrote:
> The text below is from the online help for system-config-kickstart:
> Chapter 1, Introduction
> "To use Kickstart Configurator, you must by running the X Window System."
> s/by/be/
> Chapter 3, Installation Method:
> "FTP ? Choose this option to install from an HTTP server. Two text entry boxes for
> the HTTP server and HTTP directory appear. Enter the fully-qualified domain name or
> IP address of the HTTP server. For the HTTP directory, enter the name of the HTTP
> directory that contains the RedHat directory. For example, if your HTTP server
> contains the directory /mirrors/redhat/i386/RedHat/, enter /mirrors/redhat/i386/ for
> the HTTP directory."
> No FTP section...
> Chapter 4, Boot Loader Options
> "If you choose to install a boot loader, you must also choose which boot loader to
> install (GRUB or LILO)..."
> In FC6T4, only GRuB is available...
> Chapter 8, Firewall Configuration
> Text for SELinux configuration is missing
> It's all minor stuff, but system-config-kickstart is probably the most useful thing
> out there for me, especially with the inclusion of Xen virtualization. I'm demo'ing
> this utility for some AIX admins who are used to NIM (Network Installation Manager),
> and they'll likely be hitting these docs.
	Hi Kwan.

It would be a good idea to report this in the proper list
(fedora-docs-list). I'm sure they'll fix it up!

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