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Re: mga driver improved by user compiled 1.4.2 version of the driver

Adam Jackson wrote:
Jim Cornette wrote:
Thanks to a Fedora user for compiling a version of the xorg driver and packaging it within a source and binary and supplying a link to the tar version for the source.

Is there any way to get this version into FC6 before it is released?

No, frozen, etc.  I can pop it into updates though.

- ajax

Thanks! I've been using the user supplied version for awhile and it seems to work great compared to the previous version that went out of range for both the installation attempts and for resolution "downshifting".

Adding this to extras will be fine. xdriver=vesa will be a popular posting on the Fedora List though for those trying to install. Then they'll have to update to the new driver, run s-c-display to get mga vs. vesa after install. Users need to learn new gotcha items and recover from from them to make things interesting anyway.

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