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Re: [OT] nouveau packages for Fedora

Dawid Gajownik wrote:
Dnia 10/16/2006 02:25 PM, Użytkownik Jim Cornette napisał:
make -C /usr/src/kernels/-i686  SUBDIRS=`pwd` DRMSRCDIR=`pwd` modules

That can mean that:
1° you have not placed kmodtool in ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES directory or

I failed to read the portion about kmodtools.

2° I have done something stupid in niff script ;-)

Could you give me output of "uname -r" command?


It probably would have automatically changed the entry in the xorg.conf if the build process ever got that far through.

I thought in previous mail that compilation finished without a problem.

I saw the 9 rpms in the RPMS/i386 directory in the build directory and thought all was well since there were rpms present and they were installable. My fault, sorry.

nouveau service will disable nouveau driver if kernel module is not

Oh, it's in xorg-x11-drv-nouveau package. It builds after kmod-drm.
kmod-drm is where I had the failure, so no wonder.

Thanks for testing,

No problem, sorry I am so used to working binary rpms that I am out of touch with building them from source rpms. I'll try to understand the process better.


<Endy> taniwha: Have you TESTED this one? :)
<taniwha> Endy: of course not

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