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Re: titlebars with aixgl and nvidia drivers fc6

On Tue, 17 Oct 2006 12:10:13 -0500 Marc Schwartz wrote:

There is a known bug with the 9625 and the new 9626 beta drivers pertaining to the
implementation of the TFP (texture from pixmap) functionality. This appears to result in
various issues with compositing managers, whether it be compiz, compiz-quinn or beryl.

Actually it seems quite generic and no-one detailed this specific
problem about titlebars inside the threads.
Or if one detailed this problem, I always saw that he/she resolved the
issue setting particular parameters in device and/or screen sections
of xorg.conf.
In my case no luck.
I also tested 9626 drivers but with the same problem.
I can obtain spectacular effects like see a dvd in xine with image
across two faces of the cube, while rotating the cube on one side and
the other, with drops effect in place and slow motion without any
problem, but the title bars disappear when enabling effects....
I saw on some threads about
--use-cow option of compiz command
and about
--direct-rendering option of compiz command
It seems that --use-cow is not compiled in in current fc6 compiz,
because running it in a terminal I get
compiz: Couldn't load plugin '--use-cow'
and also I don't know default value used for compiz rendering (direct
or indirect) when selecting "desktop effects" menu item.
could they be a source of the problem?
from commad line nothing changes about missing titlebars using
--direct-rendering or --indirect-rendering for compiz command

ps -ef differences between pre and post "dektop effects" selection are
gcecchi   9907     1  0 22:45 ?        00:00:01 metacity --replace
gcecchi  10012     1  1 23:05 ?        00:00:00 compiz --replace gconf

btw, how to see the commands executed when selecting "Desktop effects"
menu item and eventually change them?

Thanks in advance,

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