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Re: Another slip in the FC6 schedule

Jesse Keating wrote:
On Monday 16 October 2006 17:26, Jesse Keating wrote:
Over the weekend we ran into a few more bugs with Fedora Core 6 that we
decided were important enough to fix.  There were some multilib compose
issues (wrong packages landing in the wrong dirs), some translation files
that would cause tracebacks in things like anaconda (whoops), and a
fedora-release package that forgot to enable updates (double whoops).  For
these reasons and a few others, we decided to respin the release candidate
tree and push the release date out another couple of days.

The current plan is to spin a release candidate this evening with some last
minute fixes, and start the sync.  Validation has gone very well up to this
point and baring any blow ups in the spin process, the release looks very
solid.  We're planning to release on Thursday Oct 19th.  This should give
the mirrors enough days to sync up.  If things blow up horribly and we have
to spin again tomorrow, depending on what time we have to respin we may
slip until next week, as releasing on Fridays or Mondays gets you the wrath
of the mirror admins (:

I want to thank you all for playing along and helping us to make FC6 the
best release yet!

Hi, its me again, remember me? I was the guy who told you we would probably release on Thursday of this week. Yeah, about that...

Bugs suck. More bugs suck more. I'd rather go DOWN in bug count with the trees we spin than up, so after some regressions popped up, we're going to respin again and push the release out until next Tuesday, the 24th. This

okay then.

my suggestion is:
do a complete respin or whatsoever and *then* announce a release date.

just my opinion !

okay ?




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