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Re: Kernel 2.6.18-1.2200 beeps too often

Sean Bruno wrote:
On Wed, 2006-10-18 at 12:47 +0100, Leo wrote:
Hi there,

Following the kernel update in FC5, a few people (including me) have
noticed that their computers beep almost everywhere.

I noted that this can be alleviated by excuting 'xset b off' ... This
seems to be a new 'feature' of this kernel ... anyone else think it's
annoying or is it useful to others?

I would vote to turn it off, but I'm fine with it if others find it
There is times when it is good, eg you do a reboot, and the machine beeps when it is ready for you to enter user details.

It's bad when you are command lining, and tab completing. It would be good for it not to happen at that point; everyone in the office thinks I'm making mistakes ;) I'm really just saving keystrokes. It also comes through from ssh sessions etc.

It would be grouse if the sound was more musical and positive, rather than "just a beep". {I remember there was a driver available for win3.1 that allowed you to do lo-fi sounds using the pc speaker - is this possible with faster more power machines ?}


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