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Never did that before (FC6 and X and VC's)


	Just ran a complete install from rawhide.  Good news is that the
default IPv6 rules look good and the networking works.

	However...  I noticed something (or, rather, confirmed something) that
I thought I had seen before on the FC6 test stuff and recent installs
during this testing but just thought I wasn't paying close enough
attention.  Now, this time, it happened to me again so I double checked
it.  X seems to blowup if you switch to a virtual console and back

	After logging into X Windows, if I switch to a virtual console (Alt-F1)
from X Windows and then switch back to X Windows (F7), X has bailed and
I'm left with a blank screen for a minute or so and then back to the GDM
login prompt.

	That's never done that to me before.  Is this some deliberate change in
FC6 and that's how it's suppose to work or is this yet another bug?
I'll file in Bugzilla if it's a bug.

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