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Re: Another slip in the FC6 schedule

> -iirc- you and all working on fedora are (at least) since mid sept.
> under steam to hold this *shitty* date.
> why/where is the need to raise this steam by announcing *dates* in a
> weekly beat ?
> means: take that time you need to release a proper fc6.
> i believe the peoples are more interested in quality then in this
> release *date*.
> and - reading between the lines - yesterday it was notedly (fc5 on
> production boxes is at least a compliment to FC5 and all involved people !)
> but repetitively slip dates and "draft draft draft" on the schedule site
> is honest, but have a psychological effect also.

My two cents:
I like very much the idea of a planned release date. Even on my small home network
of a dozen physical instances (and twice that many virtual), it makes it easier to
plan. For a business I can see how a release schedule is helpful and even necessary.
 Kudos to the developers and Fedora/RedHat folks for striving to make that schedule.

As to the shifting release date, I actually prefer that they slip and explain why
the schedule slipped than not do so. I was a longtime user of another popular distro
but moved away precisely because of their release schedules (or lack thereof) and
the complete lack of information.

As with you, FC6 is working great on my test machines and the reason I don't drop it
onto my main laptop is that I want a pristine FC6-final versus an FC6T3 that's been
updated to the same level as the final.

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* Unix and Linux Solutions   kwan digitalhermit com

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