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Re: titlebars with aixgl and nvidia drivers fc6

On Wed, 18 Oct 2006 08:44:31 -0500 Marc Schwartz wrote:

The inconsistency being an outcome of the vram issue and happening or
not happening >depending upon how many windows/apps are open, etc and
where the system stands with >respect to vram use. How much vram is on
the card is also of course a key factor, such that >those with higher
capacity video cards of say 256 Mb and higher, will see this behavior
less >than those with say 32 or 64 Mb cards.

In my case title bars and decoration are not in place also at the very
beginning after startup of the PC, upon entering in graphical session,
without any window open and after opening a terminal one. And I have a
256MB Asus EN-6600 LE video card. So it seems that in some way memory
is not involved....
Tried all combinations for xorg  outlined in this thread and others
indicated, but no way.
Tried also with 2798 kernel and 9626 drivers with no luck.
Probably need to wait next beta/official drivers.


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