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Re: Another slip in the FC6 schedule

Jesse Keating wrote:
On Wednesday 18 October 2006 16:29, ronald wrote:

Without release dates it is extremely hard to manage feature freezes and translation freezes etc.. so we set dates. We try to line those dates up with things like gnome releases and kernel releases and such. Now, the tree isn't always in the best of shape when those dates come around, but we try hard to make those dates. Sometimes we have to push the date out. Sometimes we have to drop a functionality or feature. The reason 'draft draft draft' is on the page is purely so that people don't get a hard expectation on our release dates and plan for some flexibility. It would be insane to hold Fedora to a hard and fast release date, but at the same time it would be insane to not have ANY dates set and make something happen.

thx, but there is no need to explain it to me. i caught that already. it's a compromise and i can put myself in your place, but there are some effects. at least increased mail traffic. therefore i'll stop here.



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