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Re: Kernel 2.6.18-1.2200 beeps too often - adjust frequency, duration ?

Chris Adams wrote:
Once upon a time, David Timms <dtimms iinet net au> said:
I have seen the messages that note how to disable the module.
Hoever, is there any way to adjust frequency or sound of the BELL to sound more like a bell than like an error noise ? Even just a very short click would be nicer {it is useful to have the noise, but not so loud and ugly of a sound}.

man setterm (for text console)
man xset (for under X)
Thanks Chris, the man says X conforms to the underlying hardware capabilities. In my case I found:
$ xset b 0..19  :turns off
$ xset b 20..100:turns on =same level
So volume is digital off v on

$ xset b 20 100 :vol=on, freq=100Hz
$ xset b 20 40  :vol=on, freq=40Hz
$ xset b 20 8000:vol=on, freq=8kHz

$ xset b 20 440 0..9    :vol=on, freq=440Hz, duration=0ms=no sound
$ xset b 20 440 10..1000:vol=on, freq=440Hz, duration=10..1000msec

$ xset b 20 110 10: is reasonable for an otherwise quiet environment.

Also, while my hardware couldn't control the volume, you can set the frequency to be in the less efficient frequency range of the speaker eg below 50 Hz, or above 7000 Hz.

Is /etc/rc.local the place to put such an incantation for permanent use?

Any way to modify the pattern to be lo-high for success, hi-low for fail?


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