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RE: Just curious but what does "spinning" mean?



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Subject: Re: Just curious but what does "spinning" mean?


> I am a Windows admin and a Linux newbie and have been using FC6 since
> test 2. It has been cool to watch this group and see how y'all do all
> the updates getting ready for the next release. I see lots of stuff
> coming from the Jesse Keating guy and its sounds like he is working
> his butt off to get out FC6.

Jesse is one hell of a guy who works like fury to ensure Fedora is the
bets it can be.

> With all that said, what is the "spin" or  "spinning" thing Jesse and
> some of y'all refer to when getting ready to do a release? It sounds
> like it has something to do with checking all the packages against
> their dependencies but that's just a SWAG on my part.

A spin is a rebuild and release. Normally we have rawhide which becomes
test1 (first spin), problems are ironed out and test2 (second spin)
comes out. Unless something big happens, test3 is the final test release
prior to full release.

> Note, I know that on some groups if you ask a very stupid question you
> get blistered. I am sure this qualifies as a stupid question and it is
> not important....I was just curious.

There is no such thing as a stupid question - ask what you will, please
though respect the charters for each list. Personally, I would have
considered this to be an email for the general fedora user list.


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