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Re: [OT] nouveau packages for Fedora

Dawid Gajownik wrote:
Dnia 10/17/2006 02:09 AM, Użytkownik Jim Cornette napisał:
Could you give me output of "uname -r" command?


I've been testing my script with this kernel so it should work (maybe except missing linux/config.h file but this should be fixed soon in drm sources).

I tried this and it keeps failing on the same module build. This is with 2.6.18-1.2798.fc6 running now. I keep getting a newer libdrm build with each attempt. The newly generated rpm upgrades fine when installed.
Is this source checkout and compile similar to that of Gentoo installations?

BTW I have updated niff script (previous one had problems with updating sources).
I get the same failure with the new script. The config.h file missing is one complaint on exit from the script.

As earlier comments from the developers for X. Future inclusion of the driver would be great. Exposure of this driver to testing by making this available in rawhide after FC6 is released would be ideal.

I do like the concept that the niff script is using to build these modules also. So until then, I'll check the site for newer versions occasionally.



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