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FC6-Pre Grub Problem - Core Duo

late yesterday I installed x86_64 FC6 using the Oct 18
x86_64 rescue CD.  This CD and the kernel it installs
understand the JMicron controller on Core Duo motherboards
such as the Asus p5b-e.

I installed to an IDE drive on theJMicron controller.
I was careful to make sure the boot loader was installed
to the MBR of that drive.

This resulted in a grub that couldn't find Linux or Windows.
Apparently the device.map generated by the Fedora installer
doesn't agree with grub's mapping.

I changed the boot order to boot from the first SATA drive
and copied the appropriate files to the boot on the SATA
drive.  (I had installed Gentoo on the first SATA drive
but have been unable to build a working kernel.  But at
least Gentoo's grub was able to boot Windows.)

I finally got Fedora to boot by referencing the boot files
I had copied to the SATA drive.

I would guess that the fix to enable the install CD and
new kernel to see drives on the JMicron controller has
not been applied to some parts of grub.
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