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Re: [OT] nouveau packages for Fedora

Dnia 10/19/2006 12:44 AM, Użytkownik Jim Cornette napisał:

Is this source checkout and compile similar to that of Gentoo installations?

Yes, it's a *bit* similar to portage ;) niff script do not support USE flags and it's written in bash scripting language (not python), though :P

It's like emerging some ebuilds but the final output is RPM.

I get the same failure with the new script. The config.h file missing is one complaint on exit from the script.

It's a bug in drm sources. It should be fixed soon. You can remove all

#include <linux/config.h>

from drm/linux-core/* files or (the easier but uglier way):

touch /usr/src/kernels/<version>-<arch>/include/linux/config.h

I do like the concept that the niff script is using to build these modules also.

I forgot to mention -- you can always skip some stages (for instance update part). Run 'niff help' for more details.

So until then, I'll check the site for newer versions occasionally.

You can always subscribe to this page to be informed about updates. :)

Once again thanks for testing,



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