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Re: Screen would not stay blank

On 10/19/06, Adam Jackson <ajackson redhat com> wrote:
Michel Salim wrote:
> This probably has been happening for some time, but I just noticed
> over the last couple of weeks that my laptop's screen never turns
> itself off, regardless of Power Manager preferences.
> So I ran a script that calls 'xset dpms force off' every 10 seconds.
> And the result is disturbing: whether the screensaver is on or not (I
> tried setting it to both Fedora Bubbles and Blank), the screen would
> be on again within a few (< 10) seconds, without fail.
> This is on x86_64 with a shared-memory ATI Radeon XPRESS 200M, radeon
> driver from X.org. This is a driver bug, I take it?

Already filed:


And no, actually not a driver bug.

Uh, it's worse than I thought. Thanks, Cc:ing that bug report.

Michel Salim

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