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Compiz and effects on laptop


I've run into some problems with using desktop effects on a laptop.  On an initial install (rawhide last night), desktop effects were awesome and worked well.  I brought the laptop to work and docked today and am now running at a different resolution.  Then the problems started.  I initially had a VERY high resolution on a 20" Sony Multiscan monitor, so I used preferences and set it down to 1280x1024.  At that point, I had no window borders.  I logged out and back in and that didn't fix it.  Then I turned effects off and tried changing the system resolution using system-config-display and then tried again to use effects.  Then I saw no items on my task bars and the desktop appeared to stop about 3/4 the way across the screen. 

Any ideas on how to make this work on both my laptop display (1024x768) and my docked monitor (1280x1024)?


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