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Re: Uh oh...more packages in updates-testing shouldn't be there...

Jesse Keating wrote:
On Friday 20 October 2006 16:01, Gilbert Sebenste wrote:
Betcha can't guess what happens afterwards...dependencies blow it up. Note
the FC7!

I can just see Jesse coming out, throwing chairs, smashing furniture, and
blaming global warming for it all. ;-)

oh man, I really should have noticed that.  *sigh*  Cleaning up.

I disagree.  ;o)  You shouldn't have to even think about it for a
millisecond.  With the amount of computing hardware at RHAT's
disposal, there should be computer software in complete and total
control of preventing issues of this nature from occurring or
recurring.  ;o)

Unless of course someone is afraid that heavy use of automation
might lead to self aware systems which question the need for
humans to exist, and try to eradicate our kind from the Earth.

Ok, so I'm watching too much BSG lately.  It's all Warren's fault.

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