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Suggestion to improve Fedora Testing

I recently though of an improvement to the Fedora testing process.

How about putting in place a web based system by which testers could
register themselves and more importantly the machine configurations
that they have (and are willing to test with). So, if devA wants to
test out package foo, on sub 1GHz machines, deA could go to the system
and put in a request, in such a scenario, people like myself would get
an email detailing the request, and then we can choose to do the steps
or not, and submit the results.

The benifits of this:
- makes it easier for those o f us like myself who would like to help
via testing, but doesn't necessarily have the time to go through the
mailing list every day
- better opens up the possibilty to devs including test scripts that
would make the process even simpler
- would create a better logging of test strategies and results
- possible lowers the bar for potential contributors to test, without
obvious negative impact

There may be others, but these came to mind.

I will immediately state, as much as I think this a good idea, I have
zero man hours to put towards developing this system myself.


Fedora Core 5 and proud

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