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Re: Fedora downtime

fedora-test-list-bounces redhat com wrote on 10/25/2006 12:28:44 PM:

> Fulko Hew sita aero wrote:
> >
> > fedora-test-list-bounces redhat com wrote on 10/25/2006 10:34:24 AM:
> >
> >
> >>Could anybody put here at least small note what's going on with fedora
> >>sites? As mirrolist at fedora.redhat.com is not working users are
> >>complaining that the "yum is broken".
> >
> >
> > Is this why I'm now getting the error during 'yum update' of:
> >
> > "Cannot find a valid baseurl for repo: core"?
> >
> Suggest you look at
>     http://fedorasolved.org/Members/bobjensen/fc5-yum-mirror-list-update

Yes, someone mentioned that on list, replying to me.

> Hmmm.  That is a condition we have been having on FC6.  I hadn't heard
> it reported on pre FC6.  My work around has been
>   - make sure the correct repo(s) are enabled
>   - yum clean all
>   - yum clean metadata
> this usually clears the issue.

Actually, I had tried that first, but I figured it probably had something
to do with the downed server.
And if the server is down, it affects all revs of the distrubution, not
just FC6.

> In some cases I see where they remove the 'cache'.
> ===
> Yesterday, I went to use k3b on "FC6 pre" and found k3b complained that
> it couldn't work with the media.  It wouldn't work with a DVD-R or a
> DVD+RW.  I wanted to get on with things so I rebooted onto my FC5 hard
> drive, k3b work great.
> Today, after doing a number of trivial things, I decided to have another
> go at k3b on DVD.  But even with the released version of FC6, I still
> would not use k3b.  It does not start to try to erase the DVD+RW, let
> alone try to burn the DVD+RW.
> I changed back from KDE to Gnome and tried "CD/DVD Creator".  It had no
> problem and wrote the image of FC6 on the DVD+RW.
> I guess they have broken something on k3b using FC6, because k3b has
> worked 100% for me up to and including FC5.
> I see a bunch of updates for FC6 have been released.  I didn't notice
> anything for k3b, but I will be keeping an open to that subject.
> ===
> When I burn the DVDs, I must admit I use the 'auto' speed setting.  I
> seem to have the choice under k3b of
>     auto, ignore, 1x, 2x
> The app seems to try to use 10x to 12x with DVD-R although at some
> points I have seen it back down to 7x.
> For DVD+RW, it seems to try to run at the limit of the media (4x).
> I think the system finds it challenging to keep data in the 4 MB buffer.
>   I think that the underrun kicks in sometimes and causes the process to
> stop while it has a re-go at the process.  But when it comes to the
> verify, the media normally verifies.
> On CD, the speed is crazier.  The default favours 31x, but I sometimes
> see it lower that rate to in the 20's.
> Both cases (CD or DVD), the access to the hard drive for more source
> data really works the drive hard to keep data in the buffer.  For these
> higher data rates (ex 17 MB/s), the use of a 4 MB buffer seems marginal.
> ===
> Re static vs DHCP addr
> I used to config for a static addr during the install, knowing that is
> where I was going to end up.  What ever they did abt resolv.conf, I
> found it looked after itself.
> But with these updates and bringing a script from BSD to manipulate the
> resolv.conf, has forced me to "install with DHCP as default", and when
> the install is complete, check resolv.conf.  The resolv.conf looks good
> but /etc/resolv.conf/dhclient is empty.

Hold on... you mean /etc/resolv.conf and ... ???
Oh.  I see something called /etc/resolv.conf.predhclient

Must be a copy that they save just in case there is new info comming
from a DHCP response.

So If you didn't have anything in resolve.conf before (which you didn't
cause this is a new install), then the .predhclient version wouldn't
exist either.

resolv.conf only gets affected if you maipulate your domain name,
or list of nameservers.  I wouldn't expect you did that during/after
installing with static addressing... did you?

But if you installd with DHCP, even once, then it would have populated
a resolv.conf for you, and left that around for when you switched
back to static.
And if you ever did a static config (right at install time), I suspect
that you _did_ go and manually populated resolv.conf or copied it from
another system to get it to work.

>  I copy the resolv.conf into the
> dhclient file and then config the network for a static addr.
> Just now I checked /etc/resolv.conf* and find the dhclient file has been
> removed.  Something magic must be happening.

I think the .dhclient version is a red herring for you.

> ===
> Agree with your comment that the ISP service probably limits BW to each
> IP allowed.  Just find it annoying that I do not have more upward BW.

... Well if you pay them more money....
Like buisness rates, I think you could even get symetrical bandwith.

> Especially after I listed to a couple of Guru's on the TV talk about our
> facilities in NA vs some of southern asia.  We a copper based vs fiber
> in the Asian area.  They didn't have a useful copper installation.  Thus
> the fiber delivers abt 1 order of more BW, in both directions (down and
> up) to the end user, for abt the same fee as we pay per user per month.

I don't think its so much as copper vrs fibre, but that NA markets
already had a notion of tiered pricing, so they just continued it,
... and made it worse.

> Can't comment on the low latency kernel.  I suspect that is true in the
> FC6.  To me, it seems that FC6 is quicker.

Application loading/run-time-linking is now faster because a hash is used
inside ELF files, rather than what it was doing before.  (This was in the
release notes for FC6.)

> ===
> Sorry but I won't make TPM.  I seem to be low on walking power these
> days and the doctor is supposed to be looking into it.  But I don't see
> much happening so far.  So I will stay quiet.  I think I need to
> excercise more, but will see what the Doc says.

Ack.  Tho its not as if we do a lot of walking from the parking lot.

Hope you feel better soon.

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