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Re: Frontend for SELinux from Hitachi Software

Luya Tshimbalanga wrote:
Reading OSNews, I stumbled on this page http://seedit.sourceforge.net/
A frontend for SELinux developed by Hitachi Software (yes, Hitachi division) under GPL license. That application is well suited to be part of Core which will simplify administrators' task. Can someone talk with these Hitachi developers to bring it on Core or Extras repository?

I think the SELinux team didnt like the idea of yet another policy language to do achieve the goal of simplifying policy creation or modification.

With the switch to reference policy in FC5, building higher level tools to do this is in progress. FC6 has setroubleshoot. See http://www.redhat.com/magazine/024oct06/features/fc62/?sc_cid=bcm_edmsept_007

There is another tool system-config-selinux under review currently


So we are making good progress here. If this doesnt require core policy changes, maybe this tool can live in extras.


Ps: fedora-selinux list is better suited for such questions.

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