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Re: new problem with graphical login - FIXED

Mike Chambers wrote:
On Sun, 2006-10-29 at 03:00 -0800, Dwaine Garden wrote:
I did the same thing and even grabbed the files from the same ftp When rpm was updating, there were two script failures, reboot. I'm

When you all are grabbing the older glibc to reinstall it, are you
grabbing the one for your arch?  As in i686 instead of the 386?  Don't
know if that is the problem but it might be.

The version that bombs after the upgrade is i686. As you noted though, it would not be too difficult to grab the i386 version when downgrading manually with rpm. It sounds possible that the hosed systems might have i386 versions on by mistake.

Still waiting for a glibc fix since X and sendmail are unhappy with the latest version.


Time will end all my troubles, but I don't always approve of Time's methods.

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