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Re: low res video mode

Adam Jackson wrote:
glenn wrote:

I have been hoping someone will solve the video config problem on FC6.

The problem does NOT occur prior to FC6. Since then, it has random started in 800x600x24 mode (a useless mode), or my selected mode (greater than 1024x768x24). Until this last yum update, the video would randomly choose one of the above modes. But with this latest update, it will only come up in SVGA (useless mode).

The modes beyond 800x600 are not available so I am shut down, and forced to use this alternate host what is limited to 1024x768.

My host has the following:

AMD 2000+ CPU
Nvidia 5200 video
19 inch KDS monitor

Does anyone know how you can modify the grub command, or the /etc/X11/xorg.conf to select video res that is above 1024?

Your X log will tell you why the modes are being rejected.

- ajax

Tnxs for the suggestion. I have compared Xorg.0.log vs Xorg.0.log.old. In both cases the system has detected I have a CRT monitor.

In the good case, the monitor is detected as a "KDS visual-sensation" model, while in the alternate case it does not recognize the monitor and thus assumes it is a generic monitor. This latter result limits the res offered to either VGA or SVGA ONLY.

This is NOT a problem with any distro prior to FC6. If I swap hard drives to an FC5 (or FC4), the monitor is always detected correctly and the full set of modes are offered.

Glenn Simpson VE3DSP
Hamilton, Ont

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