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broken kaffeine today, mouse and firefox annoyances.

 this mornings update seems t have killed kaffeine.
I get the orange bouncing  ball about 30 reps then it just disappears.

Also on FC6 my mouse is acting weird.
I have a Logitech Mouseman trackball T-BC21.
It works fine in FC5, and did in FC6-test but in FC6 the right smal
button will not paste.

I used to be able to just drag to highlight some text, go to a text box
or editor window and right-small-click to paste the text.
Now I have to highlight the text, right-click, select copy, then right
click and select paste.

The other annoyance is with firefox 2, the backspace key does not take
you back a page, just up within the current page.

I tried to set the mouse type but could not find where.
There is no system-config-mouse.

Which reminds me, what happened to tab completion?
e.g. system-config- tab tab, for a list of programs?

Apart from all that thanks for all your hard work on FC6.


Death before Decaf!!!

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