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RE: yum broken

Another approach is to pull the latest rawhide version of yum (yum-2.9.5-4.noarch.rpm) from one of the mirrors and perform a:

rpm -Uvh yum-2.9.5-4.noarch.rpm

... which will get you back on track.

For example, I'm using a x86 box, so I found the latest yum at:



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On 9/1/06, sidney dunham <sidd megalink net> wrote:
> Yum is broken after the most recent update. could anyone tell me how 
> to get it going again. package manager and piruit are are also broken.
> Some one mentioned about reverting to fedora core 5 yum how would I go 
> about that. I retreived the RPMS from the development list. could not 
> install from terminal said they conflicted with yum-2.9.5-3. Can not 
> remove yum-2.9.5-3 because of dependencies with yum-metadata-parser.
> Have Googled this no help there. Does anyone have any ideas. All help 
> would be appreciated Thanks in advance

What is broken is the installonlyn plugin.  My guess is that there was an incompatible change to yum core and the plugin was not updated. As a temporary fix, move the installonlyn.* files from /usr/lib/yum-plugins.  That will let yum work without the plugin.

 - Ian

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