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Re: Run Program...?

On Sun, 03/09/06 08:45 +0100, Miles Lane wrote:

> On 9/2/06, Rahul <sundaram fedoraproject org> wrote:
>> Tom Horsley wrote:
>> > I could swear there used to be a menu item somewhere to
>> > popup a dialog to let me type in an arbitrary program
>> > name to run, but I was just looking for it in a GNOME
>> > session of FC6t2, and if its there, it is well hidden.
>> >
>> > Is this another GNOME helpful "improvement" like no
>> > text field for typing (or pasting) a path
>> > in the file selection dialog?
>> >
>> Has been that way from FC5 onwards. The dialog box still exists. Alt+F2.
> That's intuitive, not.  Rather, it's functionality obfuscation.  Even
> Windows shows a "Run" option on the program menu.  If grandparents
> running Windows can handle it, why not Gnome users?  Is there some
> rationale?  I imagine this is some upstream decision.
>         Miles

Gnome's setting overall is superior to M$. If "Run" hasn't been there,
there is a reason for example maybe the majority of people do not use


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