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Installer defaults to external video port

Hi all,

I downloaded FC6T2 x86_64 to give it a spin on an Acer 4005WMLi which
has an ATI X700 PCIE card. The ATI card is detected properly but X
selects the external video port (called "CRTC1" in /tmp/X.log) instead
of the internal one (LVDS) which drives the laptop screen. Since there
is no screen attached to the external port I only get a black screen and
no graphical install.

After installing FC6T2 in text mode due to lack of an external screen I
had to add the Option "MonitorLayout" "LVDS,NONE" to the videocard0
device section in /etc/xorg.conf to get X going. Seems the radeon driver
is rather fond of that external video port.

Is there any way to force the installer to use the internal LVDS video
port instead of the external CRTC1 video port? Or should I bz it? If so
under anaconda or xorg-x11-drv-ati, something else?

Thanks and regards,

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