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Re: Removing unwanted xorg-x11-drv packages

Steve Grubb wrote:
On Tuesday 05 September 2006 09:02, Pasha R wrote:
I don't think it is a good idea, distribution-wise. If you ever upgade
your graphic card, you will get a non-working system.

Then I wonder what the point was to splitting them up? I was one who thought this would be a great time to jettison all the old video card drivers. Like when would you ever install a Tseng video card? Or S3? And if you did, won't the Vesa drivers work well enough until you install a more optimized driver?


We have already had this conversation in fedora-devel list before. It makes sense to split it up because it saves time in building the packages and releasing it independently when there is a security bug in one of the drivers for example.

In the future, if we have the ability to install drivers on demand, the packaging might be changed but it might not be worth the pain (put a disc or setup a network) for a short amount of space saving.


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