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Re: bcm43xx wireless drivers.

On Wed, 2006-09-06 at 07:26 +1000, Steven Haigh wrote:
> >
> > I just gave it a try on my Acer 4005WMLi that is running rawhide as of
> > two hours ago. The firmware file used with bcm43xx-fwcutter seems to
> > have an impact on the proper working. I used the wl_apsta.o firmware
> > file. After that I loaded the bcm43xx module,
> Which version was it that you used? I've tried multiple drivers with  
> no luck as yet. The latest one I have tried is from the  
> Dell driver that I use in Windows.

Iirc the consensus is to use a version 3 driver below 3.100.x. Anyway
the file is called "wl_apsta.o" and has no version.

> I have been trying to use both iwconfig and NetworkManager with no luck.

Just tried wpa_supplicant & NetworkManager. It does not work with WiFi,
bcm43xx and WPA. Then again, the bcm43xx sometimes needs to be removed
and inserted again when it gets lost so the bcm43xx module is probably
to blame too. Also tried ndiswrapper version 1.23 with wpa_supplicant
and NetworkManager. Same story. No go.

In both cases (bcm43xx & ndiswrapper) I can start wpa_supplicant and
wpa_gui from the commandline, see it authenticate in a jiffy and issue
dhclient eth1 to get an IP address.


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