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Re: Removing unwanted xorg-x11-drv packages

Charles Curley wrote:

One of the most annoying things regarding Windows is having to hunt for the install disk whenever you changed any simple item on the system. (W98 at least) The beauty with Linux is that you put in some hardware and it is relatively easy to be up and running without needing to hunt all over the Internet or install media for the appropriate drivers for the hardware. It is great for the system to be loaded as it is now. If it was decided to slim down the unused elements until needed, compressing the elements like is done for documentation would be a better concept in my opinion. I recently installed FC4 on a computer and all of the hardware worked on initial setup. Everything still worked after upgrading the system to FC5. (Except for a minor configuration file). In comparison, I installed W2K on the same system and it did not recognize the modem, sound card, video card on install. I had to install a known to work network card, hunt the Internet for specific drivers which were provided for the particular motherboard in order to get the other hardware to work. Way off the basic topic I realize. In cases regarding video cards, I change from one card to another video card frequently. Having all the drivers available and only needing to change the configuration file or allow hardware detection to make the needed adjustments is a plus and not a waste of space. People install the Fedora Distribution on one computer and swap the disk into other computers for its intended use. It works easily with the current way that most devices are ready to go with minor changes. One individuals bloat is an asset for other goals people intend to use a system for. Why complain about the drivers being there? You could probably remove the package that pulls in the requires for all of the video driver packages. Then you can customize your system to be one video driver centric. Before the hub package, I had to manually hunt and yum in different drivers for each system that I ran it on. Who needs that! (yumming or rpm installation)


Your Flux Capacitor has gone bad.

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