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Re: Impossible to eject dvd?


On 06/09/06, Patrick <fedora-list puzzled xs4all nl> wrote:
Hi all,

Seen this a couple if times now on my laptop running today's Rawhide.
Insert dvd, browser window opens, click on some folder in the dvd and
for example open a text file, close text file, close the browser window.
Now right click on the dvd icon, select eject and all I get is:

Cannot unmount volume
An application is preventing the volume 'foo' from being unmounted.

Only way to fix this is to logout, chvt 1, eject, chvt 7, login.
Anyone have an idea what's causing this?

Thanks and regards,
I frequently run into this problem, it just makes no sense. The reason
is some gnome based tool which automounts, unfortunatelly I didn't
have the time to find&remove it. So in such cases I fire up terminal
and umount as root (only solution for me).


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