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Re: Impossible to eject dvd?

On Sat, Sep 09, 2006 at 09:58:14PM +0300, Filip Tsachev wrote:
> On 09/09/06, Michal Jaegermann <michal harddata com> wrote:
> >It should be enough to uncheck in preferences a box which
> >controls mounting of removable media.
> I know about that box, also not sure if services like automount are related.

Sorry, I do not understand.  Are you asking if autofs has something
to do with the above?  No, it does not.

> >Using the same terminal window you could use gnome-umount
> I'll give it a try :)
> BTW: what means:
> $ gnome-umount --display-settings --device /dev/hda1...
> Displaying settings for volume (overrides drive settings)....
> There are no settings; you can use --write-settings

No idea.

> Is there GUI?

AFAIK "Unmount volume" menu entries on corresponding device icons
is that GUI.  This, of course, has this property that it hides
possible error messages which you are trying to find.

> >and you do not have to be root for that;
> Well when for e.g. eject doesn't work, usually only umount as root
> helps I'm not sure if root was needed, rather was using the account
> for other checks like fstab.

You will not see those mounts in fstab; but you do not need
to be root for 'cat /proc/mounts'.

> >It is possible that something makes a mount point "busy"
> Exactly, but it's hard to say, I'll have to check again possibly when
> usign some of the media players etc.

Well, there are tools like 'fuser' and/or 'lsof' which can help
you with that.  These utilities are in 'root' path.


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