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Re: Impossible to eject dvd?

nodata wrote:
Am Sonntag, den 10.09.2006, 18:36 -0400 schrieb Jim Cornette:
Filip Tsachev wrote:

When I inserted dvd+rw, it was mounted. I wanted to rewrite it with
k3b. Tried using gnome-umount -u /dev/hdc, with no luck. While right
clicking the device only offers eject as an option. Had to use umount
/dev/hdc as root, because using it as an user produced the output:
"it's not in fstab and you're not root". Guess I miss something about
gnome-mount in the overall picture.

The choice to unmount a device should be offered as a selection within the GUI interface. Why there is no choice is beyond me.

Probably because the idea is for a user to "not need to know" about
mounting and unmounting.

In a case like that, the applications need to know how to mount and unmount devices which must be in this state. Currently applications do not seem to have a universal way to accomplish this goal. On another note, let them open a terminal, give some device naming information, abbreviated or otherwise not obvious command options to a program with poor, if any documentation and having the choice in the GUI to do so sounds more user friendly.

Though the
subject is related to ejecting the CD, which I have no problems using.

The latest version of eject uses pam, so can unmount as a user.

Thanks for the information! It explains why I can eject the CD or DVD anyway. It sure beats a paper clip. Keeping too much control from a user is more dangerous than oversimplifying control options.


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