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post update label checking script


I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm making a test script available to 
help people testing fedora rawhide updates. What this script does is look at 
the yum logs to see if you've updated the system today. (Optionally, you can 
pass a date to the script based on your locale, for example "Sep 03" would be 
valid in mine.) If updates are found in the logs, it makes a list of rpms and 
sends that to fixfiles to see if the update has caused any files to be 
mislabeled. This can happen when post install scriptlets do the wrong thing. 
This script should not repair anything since its just a test. You can find it 


Typically, you would run the script after doing "yum update" on a rawhide 
machine. There were several bug fixes needed in policycoreutils to make the 
script work and hopefully they will be backported to FC5 sometime soon.

Please report any problems you find against the package that owns the files 
being reported. For example, when I run the script after today's rawhide 
update, I get this:


To see the package:

[root~]# rpm -qf /etc/named.conf

This would indicate that caching-nameserver probably has post scriptlets that 
are processing files in a selinux unfriendly way.

Feedback and updates are welcome.


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