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Re: GDM login screen

Rahul wrote:
David Nielsen wrote:
tir, 12 09 2006 kl. 11:53 -0400, skrev Clyde E. Kunkel:
After updating to rawhide today, saw the new gdm login screen for the first time. AWESOME!!! Really love it. Nice work folks.

I hate to be the party pooper, but I differ in opinion. It's way to dark
for it's own good and it makes wrong assumptions on string lengths
making it look somewhat silly in da_DK.UTF-8. It's savable though, I'd
be pleased if the i18n issue was fixed.

- David Nielsen

Both of these problems are already noted in fedora-art list. Diana Fong did some changes to make the background lighter. To see the results, click on the modified background link at


If you have still have string length issues file a bug report against redhat-artwork component in bugzilla.


Might be monitor specific and even subject to viewer's tastes, but I still like it.


Old Fart
(my reply-to address is "munged" to defeat spambots)

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