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Re: GDM login screen


> I checked out the modified background and it's still too hard to see.
> I have a bunch of old refurbished monitors, and they don't handle
> black very well.

I'm using new lcd-displays, but it's relativly bright here (lots of big

The new grub-background is nearly invisible, I have to choose the
kernels from memory, as the selection bar is complety invisible. All
together, it's black on black and therefore unusable.

The bootup-logo (while starting services) is much to dark. Are
fedora-users depressed ?

Windows and Apple have bright shiny logos, which can be seen from far
away. I don`t think that these dark in dark logos qualify for
accessibiliy either. They are much to dark, much to complex and the
contrast should be increased by a magnitude.

A collegue of mine has very very bad eyes. I don't think he will even
notice that the display is switched on and there is something displayed.

cu romal

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