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Re: Please strip out the patch that brings up applications behind gnome-terminal

On 9/13/06, Susan Crayne <crayne us ibm com> wrote:
Miles Lane <miles.lane <at> gmail.com> writes:

> The most aggrevating example, though, is when I start ANY application
> from gnome-terminal (emacs, amarok, firefox, whatever).  I now have to
> click on the application window to give it focus.  I hate this!  I,
> personally, think it is brain-dead to not give focus to applications
> when they start (with the exception of dialogs which should be "system
> modal" in Windows parlance).
>       Miles
Would this "feature" also affect XUL dialogs in Firefox 1.5?  I have written an
application which works fine in FC4, Firefox 1.07, but in FC5, dialogs sometimes
come up without the focus.  If this is a bug, I think it is in FC5, since the
problem doesn't occur in Windows with Firefox 1.5.  I'm just trying to figure
out where to report this problem.

Hello Susan,

I suspect that your problem is not related to the code that keeps
gnome-terminal windows on top.
You should check with the Mozilla/Firefox developers.  I'd be quite
surprised if Firefox doesn't have its own window management code for
all Firefox windows and dialogs.

Here are some resources where you might be able to get more help/information:

  Subscribe to the quality assurance list for Mozilla:

  Internet Relay Chat:
       irc://irc.mozilla.org/bugs  (for discussing bugs)
       irc://irc.mozilla.org/qa   (for asking about Firefox QA)

  Access the Bugzilla bug database for Firefox (search for issues
like yours or add a bug report):

I hope this helps,

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