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FC6T3 Install results

Fresh install from DVD

1. During install had error messages “Error opening /dev/sda. No medium
found.” This occurred for all four slots (sda, sdb, sdc, sdd) in USB
memory card reader.  This has never occurred before.  Is it useful to
probe these devices during install, perhaps in case they are USB drives
to which an install might occur?  I'm not sure the error messages are
useful even then.

2. Selected all 3 software categories plus Fedora Extras. Could not
continue install due to message:

“An error occurred unmounting the CD. Please make sure you're not
accessing /mnt/source from the shell on tty2 and then click OK to

I restarted the install and left the Fedora Extras unchecked this time.
Installation proceeded as expected, and customization of packages worked

Post Install setup went flawlessly.

3. I have a zip drive, in which I have a disk. I clicked on the desktop
Computer icon and then Zip drive icon. A nautilus window opened with /
contents instead of zip drive contents. Second attempt opened Zip
contents. This is repeatable on reboot, but not on logout/login.

4. There is no longer a check box in the nautilus Properties > Behavior
tab to set nautilus to open in browser format by default.  This means
each time I want a browser (95% of the time) I need to right-click and
select an option.  Is there another way to set the default?

5. The desktop Create Launcher dialog no longer has a URL type.
However, using the file type and setting the Location to an internet URl
does create a proper launcher.

6. Overall appearance is great.  The gdm login screen is very sharp,
though some would judge it to be foreboding.


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