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Re: bcm43xx steps on ndiswrapper

Steven Haigh schrieb:
Quoting James <jdickson cimtel net>:
Thanks.. I would love to use the bcm43xx module but it is flaky at best
on my Dell Latitude D800.. ndiswrapper works really well.

I have the same on my Inspiron 8600. The rest of the machine works
I'll probably find some time at the weekend to finally file bug-reports related to bcm43xx.

Strangely engough the only three people reporting problems related to bcm43xx are all running Dell-laptops, so I wonder whether that might be related.

I'd be happy if I could get some reports regarding bcm43xx so I can perhaps include them when doing bug-reports. So I'd like to ask all users running bcm43xx and Dell-laptops to send me some information off-list, at least product-name and "works", "doesn't work", but of course it would be better with additional information like lspci-output.

But of course, every other reports on hardware using bcm43xx will be very welcome, too. ;-)

The problems I've seen so far:
- crash when starting NetworkManager
- crash when using NetworkManager to connect to a wlan
- crash when using wpa_supplicant to connect to a wlan
- crashes when being connected to my lan and not using wlan at all (last syslog-messages are related to some reinitialisation of the bcm43xx-module)

Finally I'd like to point out...
- I first tried bcm43xx when it was experimental and not included in the standard-kernel - Stability on my laptop has not improved, so I had no reason to consider it anything but experimental. I have not realized that
others had more success running that driver.
- bcm43xx seems to change with every new fedora-kernel so I believed "someone is currently working at bcm43xx, so they know there are problems". That's why I did not file bug-reports regarding my problems. - I do run the official Dell-firmware for my Precision M60 in Europe. This is a firmware which the bcm43xx-fwcutter-Readme approves as being successfully tested. - I currently keep the last six fedora-kernels installed and so far at least one of them has always been able to successfully run start-up, while most lock up when starting NetworkManager and NetworkManagerDispatcher.


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