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Re: No nautilus pref selection for default browser mode (was FC6T3 Install results)

Gerry Tool wrote:
Jeremy Katz wrote:
On Thu, 2006-09-14 at 11:06 -0500, Gerry Tool wrote:
4. There is no longer a check box in the nautilus Properties > Behavior
tab to set nautilus to open in browser format by default.  This means
each time I want a browser (95% of the time) I need to right-click and
select an option.  Is there another way to set the default?

There's an option in gconf I believe


Yes, once I realized I hadn't selected gconf-editor for installation, installed it with yum, found my way through the XML tree, and checked the box, browser mode is now default on my FC6T3 system.

However, I think it is a serious omission to not have this as a selection in the nautilus Edit > Preferences > Behavior tab as it is in FC5 and as I believe it was in FC6T2 - too late to check since I overwrote it with FC6T3.

The first harm this omission will cause is create another round of argument about spatial mode being forced on people who do not like it. I do like spatial mode for some uses, but after using it as default for more than a year, I recently decided that browser mode was more useful to me.

Do I need to report this as a bug against nautilus?



I'll answer myself. This checkbox most likely requires that gconf-editor be installed. It makes sense that it is so. The checkbox now appears in the Behavior tab after installing gconf-editor.


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