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FC6T3 In isolation

Mon Sep 18 09:16:14 EDT 2006
At a computer show over the weekend, I purchased a set of vanilla
components, and put together an AMD Sempron box with which to test FC6T3.  I
was a location without Internet access, but I had media checked my copy of
the DVD before leaving.

The hardware checks and initial bootup were flawless.

When I got to the Ethernet related dialog, I opted for a static address, not
being sure what would happen otherwise.  I disabled the IPv6 connectivity,
but anaconda demanded an IPv6 address anyway.  When I could not guess
correctly the form or substance of a valid address, the installation was

I tried again, allowing automatic address selection, but making sure the
card was marked inactive.  I created the simplest disc allocation scheme
manually, and accepted the default selection of packages.  Installation
completed without incident and the firstboot dialog was fine.

[Asbestos underwear on] I normally use a KDE desktop. So I remounted the
installation DVD, and found the Add/Remove Program option.  The result was
death from isolation.  The program wanted Internet connectivity, while I had
a DVD which should have been good to go.

Shouldn't the installation media be self contained?

Normally, I have access to the Internet during an installation.  But does
this mean that a standalone installation is impossible without selection an
'Everything' option on the first go?

Is Fedora Core [Testing or otherwise] unusable on a standalone machine?


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