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Re: FC6T3 Install on Acer Aspire 5601AWLMi laptop (long)

ron flory wrote:
Adam Jackson wrote:
ron flory wrote:
2. X only appears to be able to use 1024x768 resolution.  LCD is
   1280x800 native.  No matter what I do with "system-configure-
   display", I can't get it to run higher resolution.  This worked
   correctly under FC6T2 once I told it the LCD capabilities.

The default i810 video driver can only set modes to those listed in the video BIOS, and you bought a machine with a sufficiently broken BIOS to not list the native panel size.

 Thanks, that rattled my memory.

 Running the '915resolution' prog from
http://www.geocities.com/stomljen/download.html in a rc. startup
to hack a proper video bios mode line lets X choose the correct

Given that we are never, ever, going to ship 915resolution in Core, I would appreciate it if you'd test the 'intel' driver as well, since the next major release of the i810 driver is expected to be based on that branch.

- ajax

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