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Re: FC5 Kernel Issues

On Mon, 18 Sep 2006, Kevin DeKorte wrote:

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On my FC5 machine I was recently upgraded to kernel 2.6.17-1.2187_FC5.
When running this kernel (with 3 tainted modules) I had 5 lockups of X
within about 2 hrs. (I could ssh to the box and reboot so the box was
not 100% dead). Rolling back to 2174 (with the same set of modules and
versions) has resulted in no lockups on the same machine over a longer
period of time(I have been running with this config for nearly two
weeks, and there are no messages in /var/log/messages about anything

Modules:	fglrx, madwifi and vmware
		fglrx and madwifi are packaged by livna
		vmware is running with the any-any-104 patches and built 		locally.
Equipment:	Thinkpad T60p (core duo, 2GB RAM)

Has anyone else, had any issue with X becoming non-responsive with 2187.
I know I'm treading on thin ice due to the modules, but since 2174 works
well I would expect 2187 to work as well.



I had similar problems alredy with 2174 but I identified that switching back to older udev solves the problem.

I do not have any "tained" modules. May be different issue, but could you try to revert udev?

Adam Pribyl

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