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FC4 test 3 problems


I noticed few small glitches with the new FC6t3:

Installation was trouble free. But problems soon started popping up

 I was not able to set x resolution below 1200 x 1152 using the gui utility for display management. Was only fixed when I added the following code to my xorg.conf
 Section "Monitor"
        Identifier   "Monitor0"
        VendorName   "Monitor Vendor"
        ModelName    "Samsung SyncMaster 793S/793V/CM173G"
        HorizSync    40.0 - 50.0
        VertRefresh  80.0 - 120.0
        Option      "dpms"
and  the following subsection under screen
SubSection "Display"
                Viewport   0 0
                Depth     24
                Modes    "1024x768"

2. I was running xen dom0 with openoffice firefox thunderbird gnome-terminal when my x froze. all the windows on my x froze. I was still able to drag the mouse all over the desktop, nothing else. one more thing, I had used "xm mem-set 0 244" for freeing up some memory for a virtual maching a few minutes before x faulted

3. Yum hung up a few times after it finishes reading the repository meta data for packages. But this problem always gets resolved by a reboot.

4. K3b was not working giving out errors like
can not annonmously mmap
resource busy.
Later I came to know that It has nothing to do with FC6. New kernels in the 2.6.x series doen't allow priviledged user to lock large memory resources. that broke growisofs. I tried searching on google and found two solutions to this
Run the following command in bash "ulimit -l unlimited"  and restart k3b. This one didnt work for me. I am not sure if it will work for anyone else.
go to settings --> configure k3b --> programs and put the following arguments to growisofs
This one worked for me.

Rest is cool untill now. Infact a lot of things are better than previous releases.

Cheers !

Pritam Ghanghas

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