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Re: FC4 test 3 problems

On Tue, 19 Sep 2006, parta wrote:


I noticed few small glitches with the new FC6t3:

Installation was trouble free. But problems soon started popping up

I was not able to set x resolution below 1200 x 1152 using the gui utility
for display management. Was only fixed when I added the following code to my
Section "Monitor"
      Identifier   "Monitor0"
      VendorName   "Monitor Vendor"
      ModelName    "Samsung SyncMaster 793S/793V/CM173G"
      HorizSync    40.0 - 50.0
      VertRefresh  80.0 - 120.0
      Option      "dpms"
and  the following subsection under screen
SubSection "Display"
              Viewport   0 0
              Depth     24
              Modes    "1024x768"

This is definitely the new autoconfiguration only feature. The xorg is left for almost complete autoconfiguration, which is great idea, but has still a lot of hickups. It may be, that your monitor is not providing correct DDC, but I'll not bet for it. You can check it in Xorg.0.log, what it gets from monitor.

Rest is cool untill now. Infact a lot of things are better than previous

Cheers !

Pritam Ghanghas

Adam Pribyl

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