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Re: Should i just wait til fc6t4??

Peter Gordon wrote:
alan wrote:
No matter how broken or screwed up the test releases are...

Well, maybe this is something that I'm just not noticing, as Rawhide has been
working wonderfully for me for the past several days (with only a few minor
AIGLX/Compiz issues). I reverted back to FC5+updates for a while because I
needed known-working stuff, but the awesome new stuff in Rawhide was too
tempting to stay away from (especially the new artwork and GNU_HASH stuff). :O

Would this be something specific to installing from the DVD media? I upgraded
my box via Yum...

Yep. Rawhide tree itself seems to be doing ok. The test3 installer had some bugs but if people are interested they can try doing a network installation to check if problems still exist.

Please file bug reports if you are going to complain about breakages.


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