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Re: FC6T3 x86-64 booting issue

The rescue mode in FC6T3 is rotten as well!
After trying to set up eth0 interface using DHCP it just spawns some "giberish" chars on me!!!! The special char-art already appears when entering the shell in resue mode but this time really freezes the machine. Awful stuff! after hangs forever so... bye bye yum followed by CTRL-ALT-DEL ---> Kernel Panic!!!
Will try setup the networking manually...


Tomas Lanik wrote:
Yum update sounds great!
will give it a try...


ronald wrote:
Tomas Lanik wrote:
I am unable to boot FC6T3 x86-64... on (AMD64X2, 4GB DDR2, SATA II, Asus M2N-E)
The initrd image is missing in  /boot directory.

Any ideas how to make FC6T3 boot?

what's about a rescue boot and

yum update kernel ???

if it's a *t3* only
    there is a new kernel in rawhide
    a manual download of an other [newer|elder] kernel
    and an rpm -ivh kernel-xxx [--oldpackage]

means: i would the install routine let do the work.

maybe a check what's *in* the initrd then agains what has the rescue environment loaded (lsmod) related to sata, dm,... .
esp. look at entries with dm ...

rescue mode seems -iirc- to work !
network ?
why dealing with complicated stuff ?

maybe i check an i86_64 install later ...

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